Undiporaadhey Female Version Lyrics

Undiporaadhey Female Version Lyrics - Hushaaru (Celebration Of Bad Behaviour)
Undiporaadhey Female Version Lyrics from the movie Hushaaru (Celebration Of Bad Behaviour): Undiporaadhey original song sung by Sid Sriram and composed by Radhan from the album Hushaaru. Female version recreated by Spoorthi Jithender.

Undiporaadhey Female Version Song Lyrics

Song Title : Undiporaadhey Female Version
Vocals, Songwriter, Cast : Spoorthi Jithender
Music : Radhan
Album : Hushaaru (Celebration Of Bad Behaviour) (2018)
Music-Label : Aditya Music

Undiporaadhey Female Version Lyrics

Undipothaaraa, gunde needheraa
Hatthukuntaara, ninnu manasara

Kalathai kanule
Vethikera neeke
Vodhige thanuve
Jathaleka thodai
Chuttu naavente
Yentho mandhi unna
Naa nuvve levani yaathana

Karige kanneere
Paduthoone undhe
Artham kaleni vedhana

Choosthu choosthune maayaga
Nuvve maravu swasaga
Madhi ninu maruvanani
Maate icchenule
Maruvaka kadadhaaka undaraa

Mounam chese gaayam
Maarchaleda saage kaalam
Nannemanna emanukunna
Nuv lekunte cheekate

Undipothaaraa, gunde needheraa
Hatthukuntaara, ninnu manasara

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Undiporaadhey Original Version
Undiporaadhey Sad Version

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