It isn’t True Lyrics – Sid Sriram

It isn't True Lyrics
It isn’t True Lyrics: The song is sung by Sid Sriram, Lyrics are Written by Sid Sriram, Sean Tracy and the Music was composed by Sid Sriram. Starring Sid Sriram.

Song: It isn’t True
Singer: Sid Sriram
Lyrics: Sid Sriram, Sean Tracy
Music: Sid Sriram
Starring : Sid Sriram
Music-Label : Saavn

It isn’t True Lyrics

Don’t you think
We’ve gone too far
We’re witnessing
Our fleeting love disintegrate
We fell from a shooting star
You promise me this misery
Is just a phase
And then you hesitate

It isn’t true
It isn’t true

I’m staring at my shoes right now
Counting up the burn marks
In my mother’s floor

You’re fuc*king with
My head right now
Telling me that all alone
There’s no other cure
That’s what love is for

It isn’t true
It isn’t true

I don’t wanna go outside

I don’t wanna go outside

I don’t wanna go outside

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  1. Bhavesh says:

    Deepness of lyrics is too good 🔥🔥

  2. Ashritha says:

    That was intense 😦

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